Professional Development for Staff

Four 45-minute professional development sessions with Alex Sheen

According to a 2022 Gallup Poll, k-12 workers have the highest burnout rate in the US. The past few years have been challenging for our educators and we know the important role teachers and educators play in the success of all students. With that in mind we have built in a professional development component to our program, that is designed to support, motivate and encourage them throughout the year.

Led by five-time TEDxTalk presenter Alex Sheen, these 4 quarterly workshops are designed to help attendees build resiliency and leadership skills. These sessions will share practical habits and tactics that help individuals navigate the promises they have with their families, communities, and causes they care about. Sessions will be interactive with live chat and interactions with the participants through his purpose-built Livestream studio.

Workshop Topic Examples Below:

  1. Because I said I would: The Importance of a Promise
    Because I said I would is an international social movement at the forefront of shifting how the world views commitment and accountability. The organization was founded by humanitarian and five-time TEDxTalk presenter Alex Sheen. With over 12.8 million Promise Cards distributed, this cause has played a unique role in changing lives around the world. Join this session to hear Alex’s inspirational story and the life lessons that come from promises made, kept and broken.
  2. The Nature of Time: Controlling the Most Precious Resource in an Unpredictable World
    People often say “You should make time for what’s important.” Unfortunately, time cannot be made, but sometimes we act as if it could be. We all struggle with balancing our schedules and maintaining our priorities. Join this session with Alex Sheen, Founder of because I said I would, to hear interesting perspectives and practical advice on how to manage the most valuable resource we have. TIME.
  3. Leading by Example: The Four Type Self-Control
    Self-control is often talked about as if it was a monolith, but there are actually four different types of self-control. Join Alex Sheen to learn about the differences between these capabilities and audit your strengths and weaknesses. Learn interesting habits that can help you live a more balanced and disciplined life.
  4. Limiting Beliefs & The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
    The world is full of forces that limit human potential. Many of those forces are real; some of them are self-imposed. In this session with Alex Sheen, you’ll learn how to identify the four most common types of negative thoughts and how to stop them before they turn into self-fulfilling prophecies.
  5. Trust & Communication: How Promises Build and Break Relationships
    As an expert in accountability, Alex Sheen is often asked “How do I rebuild trust after it’s broken?” While there are tactics that can help in many cases, there are many instances where trust cannot be repaired. People can decide to disconnect from you and never return. That is why it’s so important to understand the mechanics of how communication and trust work together. Join Alex Sheen to hear interesting perspectives gained from talking to thousands of people about the promises in their lives.
  6. Code of Honor: How to Make Better Decisions Faster
    If you ask scientists how they approach problems, they would say “The Scientific Method.” That process helps them make better decisions, but what does the average person use in everyday life? Do we use a decision making tool like that or just kind of “wing” it? In this session, you’ll learn about creating your own decision-making tool and the habits that pair with that device.