Event Volunteer Instructions

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Event Table Volunteer Instructions

Thank you for volunteering your time and assistance!

As a volunteer, your role will be to ensure that supporters can:

  1. Easily find and purchase merchandise, and
  2. Receive more information about our programs!
    This is tremendously helpful in funding the nonprofit’s programs!

Phase 1: Setting Up

  1. Lay out a tablecloth on each of the two tables. The two tables are set up exactly the same.
  2. Set out all products on to their respective spots on the table cloth. Product Prices are on the tablecloth.
  3. Don’t throw away the return shipping labels or the boxes.
    1. There is one set of labels inside the flaps of the merchandise boxes.
    2. There is another set of labels inside the supply case.
  4. Set up the meet and greet area with the PHOTO BACKDROP.
  5. Test the credit card machines with speaker’s credit card. Make sure machines are charged.
  6. Grab a t-shirt and wear it. It’s free 🙂 Thank you for volunteering!
  7. Fill out a volunteer waiver form, it’s located in the accordion folder.

Phase 2: Running the Table

  1. Establish a CASH LINE and a CREDIT CARD LINE. This helps transactions run more smoothly. Keep asking for the next customer in line.
  2. Give a brochure to everyone that visits the table. The brochure provides additional details about our nonprofit.
  3. Ask people if they want a free wristband! Sign up for the newsletter or drop a business card. All photos from the meet and greet camera will be emailed to this email list.
  4. Hand out raffle cards and encourage supporters to follow us AND tag us in a post on social media.
  5. Event Order Forms are available if we run out of merchandise.

Phase 3: Shutting Down & Packing Up

  1. Pack all supplies in the supply case.
  2. Pack PHOTO BACKDROP in the long rectangular box.
  3. Pack all merchandise in the cardboard boxes.
  4. The PROMISE WALL stays with host.
  5. Apply shipping labels over the old labels on the boxes that are being mailed back. Unused boxes can be thrown away/recycled.
  6. Count cash and fill out the cash bag. Put the cash, receipts, Monthly Newsletter Sign Ups, Post Event Conversation Notes, and any Event Order Forms into the cash bag. Seal envelope and give to speaker.
  7. Drop off all boxes at predetermined drop off location. Any questions? Call us at any time!

More Info

For more information, you can also view our detailed guide.

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