This is going to be tough…

“This is going to be tough, but I will keep reminding myself, that when you help someone who’s sustained a life altering injury, you help all of those around them as well.” – Erol

In 1996 Erol’s father was involved in a near-fatal car accident…

He hit a patch of water from a storm and hydroplaned into a tree. After his accident Erol’s father became depressed, frustrated and verbally abusive. Sometimes without the sufficient support to heal from traumatic events, our pain can trigger an unforeseen ripple effect on our loved ones. “It was impossible for anyone to understand the impact my dad’s accident had on my brother and I in the moment. But now looking back at our own struggles with depression, substance abuse and other behaviors along the way, I realize how much it screwed us up.” Erol said. While Erol can’t erase the past, he believes he can create a better brighter future for others dealing with similar situations. That’s why he’s promised to bicycle from his home in New Hampshire across the country to the High Fives Foundation headquarters in California this coming June. The foundation raises injury prevention awareness, while providing resources and inspiration to those who suffer life-altering injuries. “I see my promise to raise money and awareness for this foundation as a privilege”.

Find out more about Erol’s journey HERE

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