The because I said I would Diamond

Written by our Founder, Alex Sheen.

Someone physically gave me a $238,000 diamond and I smuggled it through some airports.

A woman insisted on giving the diamond as a donation to because I said I would.
Fittingly enough, I was in the lobby of a casino when she told me what she wanted to do. She just finished hearing a speech about our nonprofit’s work. She drove me back to her house to get the paperwork with her mom, we went to the jeweler where it was getting cleaned and she just gave it to me. I flew home through multiple airports sweating bullets acting really sketchy. It’s in a safety deposit box now in an undisclosed location.

Thank you, anonymous donor. She insisted on remaining nameless.

Starting a new nonprofit is difficult. People don’t just line up at the door to donate to an unproven cause. But when you believe enough in something you just work, you wait and you hope that someone somewhere will believe enough in you and your vision to help others. The woman who donated this diamond is far and away our single largest donor. Because of her support we are able to create more Character Education programming for schools and start more local chapters of because I said I would. People like the girl who wrote this card appreciate the kindness of this anonymous donor. Thank you to all of our donors and supporters who helped build the movement she believes in. 

In other news, I don’t know what to do with this thing. Like, where do you sell something like this? Seriously, I’m asking. I posted to Craigslist until we figure out what to do. Also, the diamond is not at our office; It’s locked in safety deposit box in a bank at an undisclosed location. Please don’t try to rob us :)”

Please email if you are interested in purchasing the diamond. 100% of the proceeds go to because I said I would, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. What do we do? Find out more about us.


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