Today is my fourth birthday since cancer

“Today is my fourth birthday since cancer and I’d like to recognize someone very special to me, Eric ——-. Many of you know how tough this period of my life was and how lonely. Eric,vowed that every night he would say goodnight to me to let me know I was loved and valued once he found out. Eric lives in Florida and we haven’t seen each other since we worked together seven years ago, but every single night, no matter what, for nearly four years now, he’s kept his word. Eric, thank you so much for your kindness and loyalty. You have no idea the impact this small act has had on my life. To the rest of you who took time to read this, thanks. I think we can all learn from the power of kindness and what consistency says about our character. Here’s to many more years of knowing you all and growing with you all.”

Posted by Brooke.


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