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Best Office Dog

My dog Kimchi was put to sleep in August. I haven’t talked about it much because I don’t know if I want to. I know she was just a dog but it tore my heart apart. I have no children and she was my baby. I don’t care how I look in this picture. This is how it felt the day I lost her. When I was a little kid, I was worried I’d never be a strong man because I cried too much. I have come to realize that this in fact is what makes me strong. I am capable of having strong emotions and I have learned how to channel them into the promises I make. Crying reminds me that there are things in the world worth living for, fighting for and dying for.

Kimchi, you were the best office dog and the because I said I would staff is grateful to have worked alongside you. Your co-workers miss you, but no one will ever miss you more than your daddy.”

-Alex Sheen, Founder of because I said I would.