Before getting starting at Friendship Park in Cincinnati….

My friend Conner is helping out for the 10 days of this walk. He is driving me down to Cincinnati as I type and will be delivering me supplies as needed during the trip. If you join me for any length of the walk, you may meet Connor. We can make him take pictures if need be 🙂

Connor is helping by bringing me supplies for 10 days

I stopped by the grocery store and stocked up on supplies that will help me nurse injuries should they occur. I have no experience in long distance walking. Prior to making my promise to Gina, Michelle and Amanda, the furthest distance I traveled on foot was about 8 miles. And the only race I have ever been in was a 5k last year.

Trip to the drug store

If you subscribe to the because I said I would YouTube channel, you know that I have a 52-week New Year’s resolution. Each week I select one of the 52 cards and I have one week to fulfill the promise. This week was “I will learn how to bake an apple pie from scratch.” I made this beauty at my brother’s house on the way down to Cincinnati.

baked an apple pie today as a part of my 52 week new year's resolution

This blog will be updated by my friends as I am walking. I will have my phone on me to live Tweet my location (@bcisaidiwould) and will provide other updates by phone.

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