1960 Classic Car Fundraiser

School Teacher Wins Classic Car Sweepstakes

This school teacher remembered meeting Alex years ago at her school. When she donated to our fundraiser to help fight COVID-19, she didn’t know she would have the winning ticket.

Alex called her and said that it was just a “thank you” call to supporters. Then he dropped the bomb.

Support our October Fundraiser!

It’s hard to ask for donations knowing many of our supporters have fallen on hard economic times. So we are continuing to stay creative with our fundraising campaigns and offer prizes that provide some incentive to spare what you can and help support our COVID-19 prevention and response programming. ​​​​Our current fundraiser is for a $3,000 Home Office Makeover.

If you are not in a position to participate, we understand.

Sharing the link with your contacts on social media is also valuable and much appreciated: becauseisaidiwould.org/homeoffice

1960 Fundraiser Photo Gallery

Autographed Magic Johnson Los Angeles Lakers #32 Basketball Jersey 

Kobe Bryant NBA Los Angeles Lakers #8 Rookie Basketball Card

Autographed Print Featuring NFL Greats Ray Nitschke & Chuck Noll 

Autographed NHL Luc Robitaille Hockey Stick 

Comic Book Collection 

Collection of Vintage Elvis Presley King of Rock & Roll Memorabilia

Vintage Polaroid Pronto Land Camera SONAR OneStep SX-70 with Film