Medina Juvenile Detention Center writes Promise Cards

There is a chapter of because I said I would at Medina Juvenile Detention Center where youth participate in character development workshops year round. Recently the kids had an art show and created this giant installation that is coated in copies of their Promise Cards. Look at what they wrote…

“I will apologize properly.”
“I promise to keep my mentality under control when somebody or anybody keeps calling me by my ugly last name instead of my bleh first one…”
“To get out and listen to my parents.”
“To control my anger and stay calm.”
“I promise not to get a rule violation before 6/21/19”
“I will do 100 pushups a day.”
“I promise not get any more rule violations for the remainder of my stay”
“I promise to respect my mother more when I leave the [Medina County Juvenile Detention Center] on August 15th, 2019.”
“I promise to write apology notes to my brother + sister.”
“Correctly identify and communicate feeling involving conflict, stressors, or needs. (Coping skills, etc.)””
“Go home”

This is a picture of Alex Sheen, Founder of because I said I would, as the staff at the Medina Juvenile Detention Center. Alex has presented to youth multiple times and has done full-school assemblies with schools in the county as well.

It was hard getting the installation into the car, but we got it in there and now it is proudly displayed in the lobby of the because I said I would headquarters. Thank you to all of our donors who make our programming in juvenile detention centers possible. Through our character development workshops we are equipping the students habits and tactics develop better self control. If we do our job right, hopefully we never see them in our programs for adult inmates.