Life isn’t easy. For no one…

“Life isn’t easy. For no one. But today I have finally something to share with you. As I was in school, I always wanted to make my A-Levels. But at the age of 14 my mother and I moved away because of family issues. My new school in the new city didn’t work out for me. After my mother got very, very ill I failed at school and managed in 2004, at the age of 17, to get at least the lowest degree possible in school in Germany.
Still struggling with life and how it works, my own Depression and Anxiety kicked in more often. And because that is of course not enough, my mother got worse and lost the fight against cancer two years later in 2006. After that I got seriously ill and struggled with the passing of my mom for many years.
With serious depression and anxiety, I often wasn’t able to left my flat to run some errands. Time helped a lot, but with time I also got older and still had done nothing workwise. I still hadn’t learned a propper job, because I couldn’t. I was too ill for everything.
In May 2012 I thought how great it would be, if there was a school for adults in which I can learn everything what I missed earlier and where I can get a better degree afterwards. And guess what? There was a school like this. Actually there a many of them in Germany. Schools for adults who weren’t able to make their A-Levels because of all sorts of reasons.
I applied for spring 2013 and finished just a week ago.
I am 29 now. I will turn 30 this December. And I made my A-Levels. I just did it! 🙂 It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy at all. Because I still suffer from Depression and Anxiety, but I did it anyway. And I am so proud of myself because I achieved one of my biggest dreams. All on my own.
So, if you are struggling with something you really want to do and you are not sure if you are able to do it: DO IT! At least try it! Be not afraid to try. If its not working out – that is okay! But you tried! And you will not ask yourself what might have happened if you tried it. Do what you want! Believe in yourself, even if its hard!
I made my A-Levels at the age of 29. And I will go to college this autumn and study German. Because I said I would 😉
(The promise card was written in December 2013 :))”
This promise was fulfilled in July of 2016.