Our Vision

Because I said I would‘s mission is to better humanity. We are changing the world through promises made and kept. But how exactly do we plan to do that? To find out what we are currently doing, check out our what we do page. To find out what we hope to do in the future, continue reading our vision below. If you’d like to help make this vision a reality consider donating today.

Middle School Chapters of because I said I would

We started our Chapter Programs with adults because we believed that having community support enables the growth of youth chapters. Adults can provide network connections, act as chaperones, help with fundraising and other supportive tasks. Our next step was to create High School chapters. We already had a lot of support from schools through our assembly programming and we knew that we could have a positive impact on students at this level. It’s also important to consider that 40% of Americans do not move away from their hometown area. This means that a High School chapter member can graduate and still be a part of our programming at the adult level. Our next step is to start Middle School chapters so a child as young as twelve years old can continue to keep promises to their community and to themselves all the way into adulthood.

College Chapters of because I said I would

After establishing adult chapters, High School chapters and Middle School chapters, some might think that the next natural step should be chapters in Elementary school. While this certainly would make a very positive difference, there is already a decent amount of Character Education taught at the elementary level. Since there already is some support in this area, we believe the next step after Middle School chapters is to start chapters at the college level. Because I said I would has had the opportunity to hold keynote presentations at some of the largest college associations, including the Association of College Unions International and AFLV. We’ve also spoken on college campuses across the United States. This uniquely positions us to start college chapters in the future.

International Chapters of because I said I would

With over 11.3 million promise cards distributed to over 153 countries, because I said I would has supporters around the world. We envision starting chapters at all levels across the globe. By also creating “sister” chapters, we can connect cultures from around the earth through Unified Promises. We hope we can start thousands of chapters globally and one day make global promises that inspire the world to keep their promises. International expansion presents its challenges, but it is certainly in our vision to meet our supporters where they are.

Mobile App

Part of our strategy is to ensure that we have feet on the ground. Because I said I would can’t just be a movement of clever sounding posts or emotional stories. That is why our Chapter Program is so important. At the same time, these efforts would be greatly supported by the creation of a because I said I would mobile app. This app would help our chapter members, and anyone else who decides to download it, the opportunity to track their promises, get accountability support from others, and other key features that help people keep promises in ways supported by scientific research. We have created a low-fidelity prototype, and the list of key features and vision for how this app will function in a way that is unique to the market and supportive of promises that can make a positive impact on the world. Because I said I would has a very strong following on social media and an enormous supporter base through email subscription. Because of this, we believe that we could create a strong community of users through this mobile app with the same features mirrored on a website.

Nonprofit Leadership Academy

Because I said I would has presented keynotes at many nonprofit events and leadership training workshops. We are creating content that is used around the world to help build strong leaders. Unfortunately, many of these leadership programs are financially out of reach for nonprofit leaders. This results in skill gaps for some of the world’s most important causes. Because I said I would wants to create a nonprofit Leadership Academy that helps build the next generation of leaders in the social sector. Additionally, we can teach Executive Directors how to give compelling presentations and speeches about their causes. Because I said I would earns approximately a million dollars a year in speaking engagement revenue and we want to teach other causes how to fundraise through this medium as well. It is important though that we focus this effort on nonprofit leaders. We are not interested in business leadership or for-profit endeavors. We remain committed to humanitarianism.

The Museum of Promise

Because I said I would has given assembly speeches to over 140,000 students over the past 5 years. Our work in Character Education continues to deepen and we hope to be a thought leader in this part of the social sector for years to come. Immersive education sometimes takes place as field trips. We all remember a visit to a museum or science center from our childhood. Imagine a museum dedicated to the figures in history who kept their promises in a way that changed the world forever. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Marie Curie. We could create a museum dedicated to these incredible commitments, while also holding exhibits about human behavior in psychology. What really motivates people? How does peer pressure work? What does science tell us about dishonesty? We have many different exhibit ideas and have even tested this concept at an event in 2014, where we created 28 feet of a museum exhibition to pilot this concept. This is not a museum concept dedicated to the because I said I would nonprofit. It would be a museum dedicated to the betterment of humanity. Additionally, because I said I would worldwide headquarters is located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. This includes other museums like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Museum of Art which was recently ranked as the second best museum in the United States by Business Insider magazine. 60% of the entire population of the United States lives within 600 miles of Ohio which makes it a great regional location for a museum. Cleveland was also ranked in 2016 to be among the “21 best places in the world to visit” by National Geographic.

Book Series

Because I said I would released its first book in January 2019, but this is only the beginning of the bigger dream to publish a number of books to help support Character Education, volunteerism, and humanitarianism. Our book ideas range in topics far beyond the promises of just our supporters. Promises touch all walks of life and we have numerous ideas.

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