Capstone Project: Volunteering to Support Bereaved Families

Our Capstone Project is focused on giving participants a sense of purpose while helping a bereaved family who has lost a loved one due to COVID-19. 

Pam lost her husband Bruce 6 months ago and wasn’t able to have any kind of memorial or service to commemorate his passing. She has also felt a bit abandoned by their community due to the isolation that has occurred as people ‘shelter in place’. She was very happy to have someone to talk to about Bruce, to relive memories, to talk about what she loves about him, and most importantly to have someone recognize the magnitude of her loss.”

– Hailey, Unemployment Transition Program Graduate

As a glass artist, I decided to create a memorial piece that depicted their love of rock collecting as this was one of their favorite activities.  The design I created is intended to represent a geode with a flash of silver as his spirit as it ascends to the heavens. Pam has seen the piece and is thrilled, not only by the piece, but also that her husband is known by more people in the world. It was my honor to do this and it truly touched my heart.”

– Hailey, Unemployment Transition Program Graduate

Three Capstone Options

Each participant will choose one of three capstone options:

  • Memorial
    This capstone project is the creation of a unique project to help the bereaved individual or family memorialize their loved one. 
  • Fundraiser
    This capstone project involves creating a unique fundraising project to help the bereaved individual or family raise money for a specific cost or need.  
  • Practical Support
    This capstone project involves identifying a practical way to provide support to the family during their time of need.

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