Stories of Unemployment

During each week of this six-week program, you will attend a 45-minute live stream workshop led by because I said I would staff or the Founder, Alex Sheen. These interactive workshops will cover a different topic each week (see below).

Unemployment due to COVID-19 has left some feeling overwhelmed.

I’m looking to get help.
Clarity. Peace of mind.
My unemployment and lack of funds is a tremendous hardship to my family. I’m an only parent of 4.

Program Participant

Others, determined…

I was employed in the hospitality industry at the start of the pandemic. I was laid off during my maternity leave with my daughter but have been actively seeking employment ever since.

Program Participant


My employer was adversely affected by COVID, which resulted in me being laid off in March 2020.

Job search has been challenging, but I am determined to continue on an optimistic path and believe that there is a great opportunity to serve those in need, with great products and services!

Things I would like to get out of this program? Assistance in gaining the knowledge, skills and abilities to become an asset to my future employer and those I serve…including my family and myself.

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…and resilient.

I was impacted by a mass layoff (380 people) . After 25 years with a company who suddenly cuts your employment your confidence is torched. In the first week I created a facebook page for impacted associates to volunteer, support and network together. I refuse to be a victim and am trying hard to live bringing others up – which also keeps me up. This will help me hold true to that.

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