Start a Chapter

The because I said I would Chapter program teaches students the importance of a promise. It helps them develop good habits that will improve our world. Are you interested in bettering your school? How about the world around you? Then apply right now to begin the process of starting a because I said I would Chapter in your High School! 

Chapter Requirements:

●  Find two committed Teacher Advisors.

●  Agree to host a school-wide assembly.

●  Understand that Chapter meetups are open to all students.

●  Know that Student Leaders attend a day long in-person training. 

***Important: you will need to make sure your principal is on board!

This is a brief snapshot of what your chapter year will include:

● That you host nine (9) one-hour Chapter meetups monthly after school

● Complete four (4) Volunteer Projects in your school or in your community

● A student leadership team is selected with five (5) student leadership positions filled

●Lead an annual fundraiser

● Recruit and maintain thirty (30) members

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