Olentangy High School

Olentangy High school is home to one of our because I said I would High School Chapters. Our high school Chapters teach students the importance of a promise, while providing unique personal development workshops to students. Members also make a promise to volunteer together, and each Chapter plans and hosts four volunteer projects a year. Together their student leadership team and Chapter Advisors, help bring the mission of because I said I would to their school & community. See more info on their leaders, projects and more below!

Check out the Olentangy Instagram page to see even more content and what their Chapter is up to!

Volunteering as a Chapter.

Together as a Chapter we are working to host volunteer projects to better our school and community. Each project will address a different issue, and have a different impact. See a recap of our completed volunteer projects below.

Chapter Leadership Team

Chapter Advisor:

Co- Chapter Advisor:

Chapter Leader: Cassidy E.

Volunteer Project Leader:

Photojournalist Leader:

Logistics Leader:

Fundraising Leader:

Promise Stories from Chapter Members

See promise stories from students at Olentangy High School