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Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were imprisoned and sexually abused for over 10 years. Two days after they were freed, Alex Sheen, founder of because I said I would, promised these women that he would give them 10 days of his life to serve in acts of kindness in their honor. To keep this promise, Alex will walk 240 miles across the state of Ohio in ten days working to raise awareness for the victims of sexual violence. But no matter how many miles he walks, it will never be enough to make up for what has been taken from these women.

“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” – Gandhi


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in the last 10,000 ft of this journey? What time and where?

We are calling on all Ohioans to join Alex for the last 10,000ft of this journey in support of victims of sexual violence. Everyone will meet at the corner of Wildlife Way and Pearl Rd. on Tuesday, June 25th at 6pm. The walk will begin at 6:20pm and end at 7pm at 2207 Seymour Ave. There is no registration, no fees and it is open to the public. All participants walk at their own risk, just as Alex does. Click here to see more info on the Facebook event.

1.  How does this walk benefit Amanda, Gina, and Michelle?

We encouraging everyone to donate $10 to www.rainn.org/neverenough. 50% of your donation will go to the Cleveland Courage fund, a trust fund for Amanda, Gina and Michelle) and the other 50% will help support RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.

 2.  Are Amanda, Gina, and Michelle directly involved with this event?

Alex contacted their spokesperson about his promise to them, but received no reply.  This is quite alright, as these women need time and space to heal.  Because I said I would has no interest in harassing these women with requests.  Their time is best spent healing and enjoying life, not responding to messages from strangers or the media.

3.  What do random acts of kindness have to do with sexual violence?

There is nothing we can do to reverse an act of sexual violence.  Since we cannot reverse these acts, we bring kindness and hope in the world in other ways in their honor. Our hope is to show victims of sexual violence that there are people who care for them, while raising awareness to this very important issue.

 4.  Will any of the funds raised go towards because I said I would?

No.  Because I said I would is making a specific request that people do not donate to our organization in the name of this project.  Those donations should be directed to The Cleveland Courage Fund and RAINN through www.rainn.org/neverenough.

5.  Why did Alex decide to make this promise?

Amanda, Gina and Michelle were freed on Alex’s birthday.  This is a day of deep reflection for him.  He imagined what it would be like if someone took away his last 10 birthdays.  Sickened by the acts of their captor, Alex decided that he needed to put some good back into the world to replace what had been taken.

 6.  Where will Alex sleep?

Alex will sleep in hotels, an RV and a van by the side of the road. No matter where he sleeps, he will always start up his journey where he left off the previous day. Every single step across the state of Ohio will be taken.

7.  Where are his stops?

Check out the interactive map above. The RED push pins mark estimated stopping points. Alex will walk as far as he can without injuring himself or jeopardizing his endurance for the remaining length of the trip. For this reason, we aren’t exactly sure where he will stop – but those RED push pins are good guesses.

8.  Does Alex have experience in long distance walks?

No.  Alex has never attempted anything that even resembles this effort.  He ran a community 5k once. That’s about it.

9.  How do I join the walk?

Alex’s location will be tweeted every 30 minutes or so through @bcisaidiwould. There is no registration or sponsored miles. Just find him and start walking. You may join for as long or as short as you wish. There will be no police escorts, so you walk at your own risk. Please do not confuse this as some sort of organized event. It’s just a guy walking down the street. If you type “Cincinnati to Cleveland” into Google Maps with the Walking directions, you’ll have 98% of the route. It’s basically US42 the entire way.

10.  If I want to join Alex for a long distance, where can I sleep and get food?

This is a bit of an unconventional journey. There will be no organized support for anyone who joins Alex and everyone joins at their own risk. For this reason, hotel accommodations and food will need to be handled on an individual basis.

11.  Where is the midpoint speech taking place at

Olentangy High School in Lewis Center, Ohio at 12:00pm on June 20th. Alex graduated from Olentangy. This event is open to the public! Alex’s speech will be accompanied by a speech from a rape survivor.