What are High School Chapters?

Chapter Mission Statement

We keep promises to help others in need through volunteerism and work to become better citizens through personal development workshops.

The future of because I said I would is in our chapter program. We believe that an emphasis on promise keeping and character development through the 7 Elements of Honor will strengthen future generations. We believe each and every student has the ability to make and keep promises. That is why we are placing an emphasis on developing High School Chapters. We are currently piloting the High School Chapter program at the following schools: Fairview High School in Cleveland, Ohio, Walnut Ridge High School in Columbus, Ohio, and Buchtel Community Learning Center in Akron, Ohio. As we continue to develop and improve our programming we will be able to expand to Middle schools and universities.

Character education provides the opportunity for students to build the self-control needed to face life’s adversities. We launched high school chapters, provide personal development activities, and conduct assembly’s to inspire students to be a person of their word. We invest in character education programming because we know some students are one promise away from graduating.

According to the National Institute of Health only 29% to 45% of 6th-12th graders reported that they had social competencies such as empathy, decision making, and conflict resolution skills. Youth who participate in character education programming exhibit:

  • Academic self-efficacy
  • Positive youth engagement
  • Positive self-identity
  • Better Self-control
  • Stronger bonds within the community
  • More caring and empathetic

How to Start a High School Chapter
Here are the steps to submit your interest in starting a High School Chapter:

  1. Have a minimum of one interested full time teacher to serve as the Teacher Adviser
  2. Have a minimum of 10 students committed to joining the chapter
  3. Have an Adult Chapter in the surrounding area or the ability to begin an Adult Chapter.
  4. Have the support of the administration/system.
  5. Be willing and able to host a High School wide assembly, if available
  6. Be willing to host a school wide in-service education on Promise Keeping and the 7 Elements of Honor
  7. Complete and submit an Interest Form

It is our goal to launch more high school chapters in the fall of 2018 and as we continue to build programming we hope to be able to offer it to any school that is interested.

To learn more about starting a Chapter, visit our Chapter Interest Application page. Please note once an Interest Form is submitted it may take up to 60 days for you to receive a response.