Canyon Lake High School

Canyon Lake High school is home to one of our because I said I would High School Chapters. Our high school Chapters teach students the importance of a promise, while providing unique personal development workshops to students. Members also make a promise to volunteer together, and each Chapter plans and hosts four volunteer projects a year. Together their student leadership team and Chapter Advisors, help bring the mission of because I said I would to their school & community. See more info on their leaders, projects and more below!

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Volunteering as a Chapter.

Together as a Chapter we are working to host volunteer projects to better our school and community. Each project will address a different issue, and have a different impact. See a recap of our completed volunteer projects below.

This project was a lot harder for students due to an emotional element they had to overcome. In the beginning of the year, students knew they would like to recognize their janitorial staff, specifically Dave – one custodian who was well known and liked by staff and students alike. Before they could properly thank Dave and showcase their appreciation for all he does, he unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack during their spring semester. Therefore, their Unsung Heroes project turned into a dedication event. Dave’s wife, Dora, was invited to attend and listen to students and staff reflect on their memories and stories they had with Dave. In addition, each of the 7 members on the janitorial staff was served a catered BBQ meal, received an Appreciation Award that was printed on special certificate paper, and were able to enjoy some relaxation time while the 45 volunteering students performed the clean-up they typically would’ve been responsible for.

Canyon Lake High School students spent a Saturday afternoon beautifying their community center. A total of 47 students showed up to paint 11 dugouts, 1 storage shed, and 1 bathroom facility. An estimated 240 children enroll in the community’s little league and are benefiting from their efforts.

Promise Stories from Chapter Members

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